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The Costa Concordia was the second cruise ship crashed with Captain Francesco Schettino at the helm, according to internal company documents leaked on Thursday and published in several Italian newspapers. The captain, who has.

Apr 20, 2018, Senior Executive Appointments and Promotions Announced for Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Seabourn and Carnival Australia. Mar 23, 2018, Costa Cruises Puts Liguria in the Spotlight: In 2019 Costa Fortuna will be in Genoa and the New Flagship Costa Smeralda in Savona and La Spezia.

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May 13, 2017. As terrified passengers threw themselves off the tilting cruise liner into the freezing waters Schettino spent most of the night-time evacuation on a rock.

Jan 22, 2012. In a television interview the CEO of Costa Crociere, Pier Luigi Fosci squarely placed the blame on the ship's master, stating “The captain decided to change the route and he went into a water he did not know in advance.” An earlier statement from the cruise line noted, “The route of the vessel appears to.

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A lawyer for the owner of the cruise ship Costa Concordia has told an Italian court that the captain made no mention of those who perished in the shipwreck but instead boasted the day after that he had saved lives with his skill. Cristina.

Jan 20, 2016. January 13 marked the fourth anniversary of the sinking of the cruise ship Costa Concordia off the Tuscan holiday island of Giglio. Captain Schettino was arrested on preliminary charges of manslaughter in connection with causing a shipwreck, failing to assist 300 passengers, and failing to be the last to.

bridge officers and a helmsman got sentences ranging from one year and eight months to one year and 11 months. The plea bargains were handled separately from the trial of Costa Concordia. Captain Francesco Schettino, who is charged with manslaughter for causing the.. shipwreck.. and abandoning the vessel with.

Costa Cruises has suspended Francesco Schettino, the Concordia’s captain and declared itself an injured party in the case, in which Schettino is accused by prosecutors of multiple manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and abandoning.

Feb 11, 2015. Lawyers representing British passengers and crew caught up in the Costa Concordia disaster plan to sue the cruise operator following the jailing of the ship's captain. Francesco Schettino was sentenced to 16 years in prison after a trial in Italy for crashing his ship into a reef on January 13 2012, causing it.

The communications head for Costa Cruises, the owner/operator of the Costa Concordia. 30 bodies have been recovered. The captain of the Costa Concordia, Francesco Schettino, is under house arrest at his home near Naples,

The captain of the Costa Concordia did not accidentally fall into a lifeboat as he claimed but jumped into it long before the last passengers were rescued from the doomed cruise ship, one of his officers testified. Capt. Francesco Schettino.

The Coast Guard recording says: "You go on board! Is that clear? Do you hear me?" As the captain sat in the life raft near the foundering cruise ship. "It is an order. Don’t make any more excuses. You have declared ‘Abandon ship.’ Now [the.

On Saturday, we were sad to report that a cruise ship carrying 4,000+ people ran aground off. Now, new details have been released about the "human error," and it appears that the Captain Francesco Schettino abandoned ship, even.

GROSSETO, Italy (AP) — The captain of the capsized Costa Concordia cruise ship was convicted and sentenced Wednesday to 16 years and one month in prison for multiple counts of manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and.

Four Costa Concordia crew members and a Costa Cruises manager were convicted in July under a plea deal. But the ship's captain, Francesco Schettino, is being tried separately, as are numerous suits against him. CNN reported “more than 250 civil parties are represented in court.” Trial for a 20-client suit (including the.

A video has emerged allegedly showing the captain of the Costa Concordia ship preparing to leave the sinking cruise.

Francesco Schettino, captain of the partially sunken Costa Concordia, diverted from the cruise line’s normal route from Civitavecchia to Savona, Italy, Costa Cruises CEO Pier Luigi Foschi said in a media briefing Monday. Foschi explained.

The captain of the sunken Italian cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, has sparked outrage after it emerged he delivered a lecture to university students on best emergency practices. Italy’s education minister said the decision by a Rome.

"That is the responsibility of the captain. That’s why all privileges are given to him. But he has together with that an equal burden of responsibility," Pacheco said. The Costa Concordia. he’ll ever command a cruise or cargo ship again.

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but promoted” the kind of risky move the Costa Concordia pulled. That apparent attempt to show off to islanders near the port of Giglio, Italy ended up with the cruise ship wrecked on the rocks, killing 32 people. The ship’s captain will go on.

Here are some highlights from Costa Cruises’ press conference with Chairman and Chief. Concordia officials believe the accident was the result of human error by the ship’s captain, who did not follow the authorized route. The captain.

Investigators severely criticized Schettino’s handling of the disaster since the shipwreck set off a chaotic night-time evacuation of more than 4,000 passengers The former captain of the Costa Concordia cruise liner was sentenced to.

Captain Hoyt praised the engineering team for bringing the engines online so quickly. More than 1000 passengers (Cruise Director's statistic) were stuck on the pier for hours after the gangway collapsed and passengers had to move to the other side of the port. Fortunately no-one was injured. Azura is still in port at the time.

Follow the epic operation to secure, raise, and salvage the Costa Concordia cruise ship, which ran aground and tragically capsized off the coast of Italy on January 13, 2012, killing 32 people. The massive wreck—with a 160-foot-long hole in its hull—stretches the length of three football fields, weighs 45,000 tons, and was.

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13th January 2012 is a date that will long live on in the memory of cruisers. It was the date the unthinkable happened; the date a modern cruise ship sank with the loss of thirty two lives. There's been a lot written about the Costa Concordia and her Captain, Francesco Schettino over the last few years and no doubt more will.

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A crew member of the cruise ship that. passengers aboard the Costa Concordia on Jan. 13 were not given timely notice of the ship’s “deadly and dangerous condition” and were subsequently abandoned by the ship’s captain. Due to the.

Jan 13, 2012. Elisabeth Bauer, from Germany, died aboard Carnival Corp's, Costa Cruises' Costa Concordia when the cruise ship grounded off the coast of Giglio, Italy on Friday the 13, January 13, 2012. The captain of Concordia took the cruise ship too close to shore, it grounded on a reef, ripping a massive hole in the.

In case you missed it, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus yesterday compared President Barack Obama to Captain Francesco Schettino, who abandoned the Costa Concordia cruise ship as it was sinking, even.

Captain, My Captain. The Concordia first sailed into the Tyrrhenian Sea, from a Genoese shipyard, in 2005; at the time it was Italy's largest cruise ship. When it was christened, the champagne bottle had failed to break, an ominous portent to superstitious mariners. Still, the ship proved a success for its Italian owner, Costa.

May 12, 2017. Francesco Schettino the captain of the Costa Concordia cruise liner that crashed into a reef killing 32 people is set to begin his lengthy prison sentence after losing his final appeals bid.